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About the Comic

Corgi Boss is a webcomic about the staff of the Hobarken Herald, an understaffed and underfunded newspaper in Hobarken, NJ that is run by a cantankerous Corgi in a bowtie. The comic blends genres of political commentary, magical realism, and slice of life humor.

Corgi Boss updates on Tuesdays

About the Author

Tony Delgado was born to make the lives of everyone around him a little more difficult. He currently resides in the Northeastern United States.


Does this comic have a rating?
If it were a movie, it’d be rated R for language. There’s no nudity because my host and ad providers restrict it.

When does the comic update?
Tuesdays at Midnight EST

Why isn’t the boss in every strip? It’s called Corgi Boss, right?

Although he’s not always seen, he’s the most important character. A big inspiration for this comic is the old TV series Lou Grant. Although he’s the title character and editor, Lou Grant doesn’t appear in every scene either.