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Comedy Webcomic Heats Up with Steamy Hookup
Posted October 5, 2017 at 12:01 am

I showed this strip to my girlfriend while it was in process and she said that she almost didn’t recognize Joe because he looked happy. If you look at that first panel, he really is looking thrilled. He’s so happy that he’d probably be singing this song.

It seems as if Joe may have misjudged his romantic liaison a bit. It’s not like Fatal Attraction (we’ve all been there, right?) or anything, but Joe’s love connection that he has been working toward since this early strip has gone sideways. Looking back at that strip, Kiara did warn him that she would total him! Maybe he’s a little dense? Is this the culmination of that warning—Joe looking dejected—post smash? What is going on with Kiara? There are a lot of exciting developments to come.  If I weren’t the writer, I might be saying that I have more questions than answers at this point. Fortunately, I write all this stuff, so I can just relax knowing that everything will be OK…or will it?

See you next week.

Trivia: Although the Hobarken Herald does not prohibit romantic relationships between employees, it frowns upon them. No, really. They make you stand in a room while everyone frowns at you…for like five whole minutes.

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