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Corgi Boss the Webcomic: This is Launch Day
Posted June 6, 2017 at 12:01 am

Welcome all to the Corgi Boss launch day. If you are reading this (and I’m sure there are not many of you), then you are what I’d like to call an “early-adopter.” It’s a truth universally acknowledged that a webcomic lacking an archive should be in want of an audience. That means that with only one strip, this comic will be desperate for readers as it builds its archive. So, I appreciate the early support that you’ve given me (before I actually deserve it). Stick around while I add comics every Tuesday and Thursday. It’ll be fun!

I take pride in the fact that I’ve never had a first day on the job as bad as Joe Flaco’s. That said, I have assumed someone worked at a place when in fact they did not. It quickly became awkward because I was mistaken in the presumption that I could ask them to do work that they quickly told was not going to happen.

As a bit of a leg-puller (or “asshole” as my girlfriend describes it), I often fantasize about letting someone believe I work somewhere, maybe a customer service job, and then providing ridiculously inaccurate information so they look ridiculous in the future. Maybe, this is my way of living out this fantasy…hmmm?

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