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Writer Claims “Unethical Professional Distance”
Posted June 8, 2017 at 12:01 am

Mary Shapiro is just a little bit frightening, but I can relate. Sometimes in my offline life, in which I read depressing fiction, I find that I’ve cultivated a little too much professional distance from the material. When reading Hamlet, the death of Hamlet’s entire family tends to be abstract to me! When I stop to think about that, I’m a little horrified. However, I assure you Mary and I are not the only monsters out there.

Here Mary knows a good story when she sees one and is a little cavalier about life and death. But aren’t we all? Where are my true crime fans at? Who listened to S-Town? Serial? Making a Murderer? I enjoyed those too but I prefer to stick to fictional worlds. It eases my conscience.

I’ve also been binging reruns (is rerun a word we should still use?) of Smallville on Hulu. In this slaughterhouse of a show an average of 2-3 high school students are killed per episode before the hero stops the monster of the week. Can you imagine? The therapy bills alone!

I guess even in fiction the truism of “If it Bleeds it Leads” holds up. You can disagree if you want and be a…you know, good person, but… Whatever. Let’s all just agree that the real takeaway of this comic is that destination weddings are very inconvenient.

See you all on Tuesday.

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