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Breaking: Woman in Bar Told by Obnoxious Drunk Guy to “Check This Out”
Posted February 27, 2018 at 12:01 am

I guess Mary is taking a bit of a walk on the dark side with Trey Taurus. As shirtless Kylo Ren in Star Wars taught everyone, there is a certain appeal to the evil guy. The real question is if this is a passing fad with Mary or something that could become long-term. Given her political leanings, we can foresee some conflict between the two of them. Regardless, it’s nice to see Mary and Kiara hanging out again. With all the stress with the raid on the Herald and the possible incarceration of the staff, it’s a nice respite if only for these two characters.

Trivia: Mary and Kiara met at a Top-Free protest at the nearby mall. Mary was protesting for women to be able to go out in public without tops and Kiara thought they were giving away free tops.

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