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Combat Sports: Which Guy Will Punch the Other Guy More?
Posted October 26, 2021 at 12:01 am

Picture: Dana White or Joe Rogan

HOBARKEN (Corgi Press) — Disclaimer: I’ve never been to a UFC match nor watched it on TV since I lack a taste for bloodsport, and I find myself (temporarily) cash poor. Nonetheless, I made Meathooks a UFC fighter because I wanted to juxtapose Joe, who is often weak, uncomfortable, and overwhelmed, with someone who embodies his antithesis. In my mind, this was a love interest that could protect him from the challenges presented by out-of-control MATA hats or Fannie Mae leg-breakers. The point here is that for UFC fans, there may be some serious inaccuracies in this webcomic. For this I apologize. Before making this strip, I neglected to watch that form of entertainment pioneered by Mr. Potato-Head Dana White and hosted by his mini-me, Joe Rogan.

Joe and the Boss are talking a bit about a more mature practical form of love than that initial passionate love that is glorified in TV and movies. Are The Boss and Kimber a good couple because they are used to each other and able to interface (if they so choose) to create a more powerful collective? Perhaps Joe has this potential with Meathooks, who is good at everything in comparison to his generally sucking. She seems like a great practical choice for him.

As we wind into the ending strips of this storyline, what is going to happen with Joe and Meathooks? How about Kimber and The Boss? Also, did Meathooks really choke that woman out? Maybe we’ll find out next week!

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