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Kiss Cam Operator Quietly Obsessing About What Happened to Couple #4867
Posted September 14, 2017 at 12:01 am

Since I’m the romantic type, there really is nothing more magical than when you feel attracted to someone else and then you see those feelings reciprocated. All that nervousness about being truly alone with egg on your face, rejected, just melts away to be replaced with pure elation. Someone else likes me and I like them! Maybe this could become something. I won’t have to die alone like my ex predicted! Maybe that’s why Joe needed to get bombed out of his mind (on 3 beers? Wimp.) to make the moves on Kiara and bring about this magical moment.

However, the funny thing about romantic interludes is that while they make great vicarious fictional moments in love stories or are quite special to those involved in real life, they can be terribly uncomfortable for everyone else. I’m not talking about the PG-cutesy-romantic moments, like holding hands at the mall or the kiss cam at a baseball game.  Those are like the Hallmark version of romance. They certainly express the sentiment but they’re devoid of that actual fire. Try to imagine if you saw someone really connecting with a deep passionate kiss (maybe a little tongue action?) on the jumbotron. It’d be awkward as hell.

That’s why I always try to remember that nobody really cares about your new lover as much as you do. Yes, yes. We all know he does that funny voice that makes you laugh. Sure, she’s really fascinating to talk to, but we don’t think so. We haven’t had those magic moments with your new lover. And, frankly, we don’t want to witness them either. I think a lot of this is how Sal feels in the final panel. Sal doesn’t feel the same thing that Joe and Kiara are feeling then.

Yes, it’s a little sad that outsiders can’t feel the same elation that you feel from your new romance. Wouldn’t that be magical if they could? However, on the flip side, this means that whoever you had a love connection with, you’ve got a secret that only the two of you own.

Trivia: Mary writes romantic political slash fiction as hobby. Her favorite story is called “I’m Just A Bill Making Love on Capitol Hill.”

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