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Notes from Corgi Boss CEO Keynote: Exciting New Plans to Be Excited About
Posted August 10, 2017 at 12:01 am

It’s a common trope that all sorts of deeds that need to be done on the down low happen in a mostly empty parking garage. One wonders that if this is the go-to place there must be some cross-traffic problems that happen, right? Can’t they have an OpenTable-like app or something?

Format Announcement!

I also have a bit of an announcement regarding the format of the comic. Starting with strip #27, which is scheduled to go up on September 5, the comic will be following a storyline! Now, Corgi Boss won’t be switching to a soap operatic long form or anything like that, but the comic will have story arcs that go for about 26 strips or so. There’ll be plenty of jokes still. Don’t you worry! I’m not turning the strip into a drama or anything self-serious like that! Fun, right?

Lately, I’ve been reading a bit of Alex Raymond’s Rip Kirby, and I really like the feel of the short mysteries in the form of short story arcs. Raymond’s strip is having a bit of an influence upon me. From what I see, the reader gets to read a story with a beginning, middle, and end while not feeling overwhelmed with a bunch of longstanding continuity. The arcs in Corgi Boss will allow for something a bit more in depth than what I’m doing with one or two strips right now. It will remain very new reader friendly because any of the story arcs will be a nice place to jump on. I mean, let’s face it, I like webcomics, but I’m not going to read every page of a webcomic with 500 updates. That would require commitment, and commitment is something everyone woman I dated and every psychiatrist I’ve spoken with know I am averse to.

Look forward to it! See you next Tuesday!

Trivia: The Hobarken Herald underwent a format change in the 1950s. For 5 years, the paper offered radium ink front pages so readers could read the paper in the dark! To this day, many hairless and toothless readers claim they prefer the radium editions.

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