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Spooky: Friends Disappeared from Man’s Life One By One—Kidnapped and Killed or They Just Didn’t Like Him?
Posted October 31, 2017 at 12:01 am

Happy Halloween everyone! This strip and the next one will be Halloween themed, with characters from the strip wearing costumes. Today’s update features:

  • Kiara is dressed as classic storm (as drawn by Dave Cockrum) from the 70’s What a nerd, right?
  • Mary, always into feminist history is costumed as a suffragette. She wanted to go as Gloria Steinem, but she didn’t want to antagonize Alma.
  • Alma is dressed in one of those creepy old-timey costumes you see in historical photos. After working with her today, she’ll probably haunt the dreams of all of her coworkers.
  • Finally, Kimber told the boss that he had to wear something, so he begrudging let her put a witch hat on him. He doesn’t like Halloween. All those strangers coming to the door. He’s very territorial.

Despite the boss’s curmudgeonly attitude to the holiday, Halloween at the Hobarken Herald is a serious affair for the staff, who spent a bunch of time decorating and planning an annual party! It’s a nice respite from the stress of reporting on President Dump’s administration. Have fun this Halloween and stay safe.

Trivia:  Halloween wasn’t always a holiday for the Herald. In the olden days, Halloween was a festival to celebrate the end of a harvest season. Staff would come to work dressed as squash, zucchini, and corn!

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