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It Happened To Me: I Read Corgi Boss And May Have Laughed A Mild Awkward Chuckle
Posted June 22, 2017 at 12:01 am

If you have not heard of XOJANE, feel free to educate yourself with this romantic gem, this gross one, this odd one, or this parody. Is a seedy confession or a peculiar perspective enough to make an article? I, the man who has neither anything interesting to confess nor an odd perspective, think not! These articles used to pop up in my newsfeed and I would click them, instantly regretting it.

I also don’t think Kimberlé Crenshaw’s intended usage of the term intersectionality is a method by which you hit on your coworkers. Although statistics, the alleged arbiter of reality, says that a large percentage of people meet their significant other through their work, I don’t recommend seeking love in the workplace or work in the loveplace. The point is the two shouldn’t mix professionally or grammatically. I was thinking about this as I wrote this comic. Isn’t it weird how in workplace stories, romance always happens at the job? Two young cancer doctors find a cure, but also a way into the bone-zone.  Sure, it keeps the story unified, but how unrealistic is that? Neither your boss nor the sexual harassment laws favor looking for love at the workplace, but we keep putting it in stories!

Lastly, I’ve signed Corgi Boss up for TopWebcomics, a voting list that promotes webcomics. If you’re enjoying the comic so far please give the folks at Hobarken Herald your vote. It only takes a minute and helps us get more readers.

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