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Posted April 5, 2022 at 12:01 am

HOBARKEN (Corgi Press) — No, Kiara NO! It’s funny how you can think someone is speaking to your specific circumstances even when they are not. Our brains extrapolate a lot, and that can easily lead to justifying doing something that might not be right. After all, we’re all hideously trapped within our own traumatized minds hurtling past one another at the speed of light. That’s the situation Kiara finds herself in today.

As with Kiara, desire makes us read everything through a lens that rationalizes whatever we need or want to do, or so my wife yells at me after I eat all her snacks. As Mary tries to #Girlpower her way out of feeling guilt, Kiara uses her words to justify doing what Ronan Tell asks of her.

This reminds me of some writing by Zora Neale Hurston in which she throws side-eye at men (meh) who claim to feel a calling to go into the extremely lucrative field of preaching. I’m paraphrasing, but would-be collection-plate-owner finds himself by a river in the forest. He looks up to the sky and calls out to God, “If you don’t want me to preach, make these sticks leap across the river.” When the sticks don’t levitate, it’s fate. This is the process I imagine Louis CK used to decide whether or not to once again force himself onto comedy.

In this strip, most of the cast are in their throwback outfits from the original strips in which they were introduced. Mary is in her puritan dress with the white cuffs and colors from her introduction. Kiara is in the black and green striped shirt from before she chewed up and spit out Joe Flaco. Lastly, Alma is in her pink sweater with the polka dots. Perhaps this is because the characters are going through a bit of reset now that Dump is gone. It’s a fun throwback to simpler times, even as they face new challenges. Fun!

See you next week!

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