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Posted March 1, 2022 at 12:01 am

HOBARKEN (Corgi Press) — I’ve been thinking a bit about the Salem witch trials. In particular, I wondered what the comedown from their orgy of rope and rock-crushing violence was like—the only orgy at which you’d find a Puritan. Was there a moment when they felt like they had done it, and they had saved their community from a coven of witches? Fuck yeah, Puritan America! The community is safe! After comes the realization that nothing was solved. They might find themselves like Kimber, oscillating between being so excited and so scared like . We know from history that many perpetrators of the Salem Witch trials apologized. Hanging Judge Hathorn, an ancestor of Nathaniel Hawthorne (the Zack Morris of this metaphor?) never apologized though. We seem to be living currently in a society of unapologetic Zack Morrises. More of that to come in the strips coming up.

Continuing the thread of recent posts about my movie watching, I’m still working my way through some of the Oscar nominees. I recently watched some of the animated flicks: Raya and the Last Dragon and The Mitchell’s vs. The Machines. I liked the latter quite a bit, but was very cool on Raya and the Last Dragon. Raya’s narrative was rather formulaic and the animation reminded me of a mobile game. The Mitchells was better, filled with jokes and kinetic energy.

That’s all for this week. See you in seven days!

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